Jak długo będę czekać ?

Czas oczekiwania na kod simlock wynosi od od 6 do 24 godzin.

Średni czas wynosi 55 minut. Czas ten obliczany jest na podstawie 50 ostatnich zamówień wykonanych przez naszych klientów.

ZTE Conexis X1


Co nasi klienci mówią o odblokowaniu

  • Service is good

    Merilyn - 2018-11-06 09:36:33

  • Thanks alot .. You're service was great and i got the code in less than 15 hours ... You're help is much appreciated ... Thank you SIM-UNLOCK.NET

    Victoria - 2018-09-19 08:18:44

  • Thank you so much it worked like a charm, wow, it's really worth it, Thanks again

    Christ Jouvence - 2018-08-15 12:10:04

  • Very good service......thanks

    mehedi - 2018-08-10 11:44:41

  • Best service ever compared to competitors

    Dikole - 2018-07-31 12:51:10

Jak wpisać kod do telefonu ZTE Conexis X1 ?

Aby wpisać kod simlock w ZTE Conexis X1 należy wykonać następujące czynności:
1. Włącz swój ZTE Conexis X1 z nieobsługiwaną kartą SIM. Jeżeli karta SIM posiada numer PIN to wpisz go.
2. Urządzenie poprosi o kod odblokowujący.
3. Wprowadź kod i zatwierdź.


2018-11-06 09:36:33 Merilyn

Service is good

2018-09-19 08:18:44 Victoria

Thanks alot .. You're service was great and i got the code in less than 15 hours ... You're help is much appreciated ... Thank you SIM-UNLOCK.NET

2018-08-15 12:10:04 Christ Jouvence

Thank you so much it worked like a charm, wow, it's really worth it, Thanks again

2018-08-10 11:44:41 mehedi

Very good service......thanks

2018-07-31 12:51:10 Dikole

Best service ever compared to competitors

2018-07-25 15:40:35 Philip

Worked perfectly, and received within 40 minutes

2018-07-24 22:43:37 Mario

The service is so reliable and I received my unlock code in less than an hour. I would definitely recommend this service to anyone.

2018-07-23 09:41:35 Moegamad

I am extremely elated. This really works. Amazing.

2018-07-19 11:07:36 Lehlohonolo

Excellent, speedy service. Did exactly what they said they would do.

2018-07-19 11:05:26 Lehlohonolo

Excellent, speedy service. Did exactly what they said they would do.

2018-07-09 10:22:08 Happy

amazing service, i will recommend you to my south african friends

2018-07-09 09:31:15 Aadam

Works like a bomb any phone any network

2018-06-25 10:02:18 B

Great service - unlock code worked for Connexis X1

2018-06-11 12:11:24 innocent

It worked, thanks sim-unlock for a job well done

2018-05-28 15:14:48 Sibusiso

The service was quick, affordable and very satisfying. I'll sure most use it again going forward and also recommend it to my friends. Thanks a million

2018-05-28 08:17:26 Louis

Perfect, thanks

2018-05-23 05:15:59 irfan


2018-05-18 09:45:50 Darren

Very pleased with the service

2018-05-17 21:18:08 sam

Thank you so much the code works perfectly. Good job

2018-05-10 20:43:29 George

Received my unlock code in a few hours, punched it in my and VOILA. Thanks so much for great service. highly recommended

2018-04-28 13:41:57 Mandy

Brilliant Worked perfectly and was very quick Thank you

2018-04-21 07:17:48 Juan Graham

ABSOLUTELY AWESOME.... Such a professional and legit service..... worth every penny..... Thank you team. My network provider has NOT gotten back to me in a week and you sorted it out within 2 days... thank you SO MUCH..... LEGENDS.... HIGHLY RECOMMENDED...... ;)

2018-04-17 10:27:19 Gustat

Wow worked perfectly, I'm very happy with the service

2018-04-16 08:02:51 trevendrin

Can't believe it. So easy. Works perfectly. Would recommend to all.

2018-04-13 17:47:23 trevendrin


2018-04-12 09:58:07 irfan Shaikh

Good job

2018-04-11 11:27:56 Elvis

Super-fast service and professional. With so many online scams, I decided to use their service anyway since the service is cheap, and to my surprise the pin worked. Thank you

2018-04-05 11:02:16 herman

As promised code worked 100% first time.

2018-04-02 23:23:00 Darren

Completely legit Wait time wasn't too long and the code worked first time Very much grateful

2018-03-25 15:43:05 Setlogoane Ocket

Thanks for unlocking it for me keep it up

2018-03-18 15:07:38 Khulisani

Excellent, I got my code within hours and it worked like a charm. Thank you very much

2018-03-16 11:51:21 Lucky

Thank you so much for keeping your word. Keep it up. I give you 6 stars not 5

2018-03-14 13:57:43 derrick

Service is very fast and cheap for south African users

2018-03-11 09:02:02 Kashif

Excellent service I appriciate fast response well I suggest sim-unlock.net I will support more in future Thanks again .

2018-03-08 17:20:03 Setlogoane Ocket

Thanks for your help

2018-02-16 10:17:05 udley

worked PERFECT on ZTE conexis X1...THANKS

2017-12-29 07:39:26 Godwin

Thank you. So much.

2017-12-25 16:32:46 Veroshka

Awesome service Worth the money to unlock the FNB ConeXis X1 phone

2017-12-18 15:20:15 abubacar

Tank you i is done

2017-12-13 10:13:47 Gavin

Awesome service guys 10/10 would recommend to anyone Keep up the great work ;)

2017-11-15 10:34:22 Steve

Excellent service, phone unlocked, money well spent

2017-11-11 20:15:21 Stinkmeaner

Your service is the best, please do Not stop keep up the good work.

2017-11-08 14:01:31 Merwin

I was skeptical at first, but I received my code in 3 hours and it works I can now use my Conexis X1 with other service providers sim cards Great value for money.

2017-10-29 11:29:23 Nndweleni affirnity

wow i still cant believe it😊, i got ma conexis x1 unlock code within 24hours ,its now network free ,job well done👏👌👌

2017-10-27 10:48:07 Conexis X2

Worked like a charm Excellent turnaround time. Since there wasn't an option for the Conexis X2, I selected the Conexis X1 and sent through my IMEI number. A few hours later and voilà I am very happy with the service and now I am not locked into a single network anymore

2017-10-25 12:01:26 arshad

best ever service i see and fast to get code thanxx u

2017-10-08 17:57:53 Thembi

You guys are awesome Thank you so much for unlocking my phone when everybody else was saying it cant be done

2017-10-03 12:58:56 stephen

fabulous service keep it up

2017-09-28 16:22:42 Kuma

Still the best out there

2017-09-28 08:54:22 Kuma

Best service I ever come across . Keep it up guys , I just wish you guys could do the icloud activation unlock .